Consume less, enjoy more

Ik ging eens op cowbird gaan en schrijven over dingen bij cowbird passen. Vandaar in tengels. Gelieve me te wijzen op mogelijke taalfouten.

I have always been fascinated by stories of people who at a certain point in life decide to leave the rat race. You often read about them in the Saturday edition of newspapers. Managers who realize that there’s not much fulfillment to be found in firing people and making more money every day. White-collars who come to the conclusion that instead of working long days and eating in restaurants, they could spend more time in their garden to grow their own vegetables and less money consuming food that they can’t relate to. Then comes the moment that they quit their jobs and start enjoying life as it used to be and should be.

The strange thing is that I never had to join the rat race in order to know I don’t want to be a part of it, yet I did. And every day I’m wondering why, but I don’t dare to leave it. Horror stories about the crisis withhold me from living life to the fullest. Still, I don’t need much. Even though I’m living in a city that’s all about consumerism, a city of fashion where streets are filled with hipsters, wearing ugly clothes to make a statement, I don’t care that much about buying new things and looking like I gave my looks much thought. I’ve never understood why people like shopping and even find it relaxing. Is there anything more stressful than shopping on a Saturday afternoon, buying things you don’t need, spending too much money on them… I feel comfortable wearing the same clothes several times, not having the glasses and the haircut that you should have this season, having only so many pairs of shoes.

So maybe I should dare to take the big step and leave the rat race, and who knows, maybe someday I will be the one telling her story in the Saturday edition of the newspaper, about how I suddenly realized how meaningless it all was and how happy I am now.

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